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No.1 Digital Marketing Training Company In Gurgaon provides 100% practical based Digital Marketing Training On live projects. Starting from basics of Digital Marketing Course to advanced concepts. Here, Learning Course of Digital Marketing is created keeping all updates of industry in mind so that job oriented training course in Gurgaon can be offered. Career in Digital Marketing is good option, as industry experts showing indications for huge growth. Before joining our Digital Marketing Institute In Gurgaon, meet our trainers, understand their way of teaching and feel confident about taking right decision.

Digital Marketing . Internet Marketing . Online Marketing


In theory classes, You will go through the detailed content available for understanding digital marketing & its use.


In practical classes, You will practice the real life implementation of digital marketing in industry to explore its demand.

Case Study

In case study, You will do research and development for the success and failure projects of digital marketing in history.


In interview preparation section, You can understand how to stay confident and face people with knowledge you earned.

Business Analysis
Search Engine Working
Market Research
Keyword Development
Content Writing
Landing Page Creation
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Google Webmaster Tool
SEO Tools
SEO Updates
Report Creation
Case Study
Social Media Websites
Brand Awareness
Video Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Basics of PPC
Keyword Development
Keyword Categorization
Landing Page Creation
Understanding PPC Tool
Campaign Management
Ads Creation
Bid Management
Report Generation
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
E-Commerce Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Complete Digital Marketing Course Content

Course Duration: 45 Days, Course Fee: Rs. 18,000/-

Digital Marketing Institute In Gurgaon Introduction

Digital Marketing Overview

Internet Marketing Institute In Gurgaon

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing is the process of integrating traditional marketing with technology as most people are using technology to reach information, so with digital marketing it will be easy to target big audience with low investment. If you are here and reading this content, you also used technology to reach us and we used digital marketing to reach you.

Digital marketing is popular with many terms like internet marketing, online marketing, web marketing, e-markeitng, digital advertising and many more. Digital marketing is like umbrella which have many categories under it and each is connected with another due to some reason. Digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (known as SEO), search engine marketing (known SEM), content writing/marketing, inbound marketing, content automation, automated marketing and e-commerce marketing, social media optimization & marketing, e-mail marketing, display advertising are becoming more common in our advancing marketing technology.

We introduce you step by step with complete glossary of digital marketing, origin of internet, benefits of internet, benefits of search engines, guidelines of technology, understanding business, understanding market, understanding the changing customer so that you will stay upto date and deliver information in real time to the required audience on right time.

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Digital Marketing Crash Course In Gurgaon Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Internet Marketing Crash Course In Gurgaon

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the first and most important step for developing the right digital marketing strategy and execution plan. In business analysis, we do complete study of following points to collect all required data.

1. What type of business is it? (Business Category)
2. Which locations this business serves? (Locations)
3. Type of products/services they offering? (Sub-Categories)

If we understand above mentioned points properly and do some research to understand the targeted audience, keywords people use to search information about this business and the locations we need to target for it.

Business analysis is used before website architecture development of the website is not ready till or need to re-structure the website. To get the complete information, we need to discuss more and more with business management, to understand their goal, their vision and direction they want to move their business.

On behalf of business analysis, we do keyword research and development to categories them while developing website architecture and landing pages. So, take everything valuabale in digital marketing and follow habit to prepare notes and check-lists.

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Digital Marketing Course Training In Gurgaon Search Engine

Search Engine Working

Internet Marketing Course Training In Gurgaon

Understand Search Engines

Search engines made our life very each, to find anything in this world. You just need an internet connection and you can get any infomation on your fingertips in just fraction of a second. The importance of search engines is so hight that people can not imagine life without search engines today.

Search engines are just some computer programers working on mathematical algorithms to collect the available information in this world and arrange it in proper order and deliver it when ever asked query by someone. Before starting search engine optimization and marketing, you need to understand search engines, why they exist, why they are so relaible, what are the guidelines of search engines, how they evaluavate query and present search results.

There is a very great alorithm between query submission and search result delivery. if you concentrate in understanding the seach query evaluation of seach engines then you will find it very easy to understand your customers, their search methods and can do good keyword research and development.

Search engine works on two sides, In one side it do study (crawling & indexing) of available data on internet and on second side it delivers information as search results when ever asked by some user. Dominated search engines are Google, Bing & Yahoo!.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute In Gurgaon Market Research

Market Research

Top 10 Internet Marketing Institute In Gurgaon

Understand Market & Customers

Before doing digital marketing or some other kind of marketing, we need to do market research. Market research means, we have to understand the customers, their requirements and what customers try to reach their needs. As we all know that internet is the fundamental key to reach to your requirements in this era.

Understanding customer pshycology can help you in developing keywords and website content on which search engines work. Customer can use search engine as he/she wants, Its our responsibility to follow the pattern and take out the data useful for both digital marketing practitioner and search engines.

Search engines always take care of their users (customers not internet marketing professionals) and dedicated to deliver them accurate and fresh information for their queries. To target search engines while following their guidelines, we need to understand search engine query evaluation process and understanding customer is the important part of it.

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Best Institute For Digital Marketing In Gurgaon Keyword Development

Keyword Research

Best Institute For Internet Marketing In Gurgaon

Keyword Research, & Development

Keywords is the name given to those valuaes which we write in search box to find our requirements. It can be a single word or a phrase, depends on the user, what users intend to find and how he/she write query. Search engine queries are build with keywords and the complete internal process of search engines is programmed according to the keywords.

Keyword research and development is the primary and mandatory task in digital marketing, if you do not have good practice and understanding of keywords then you can not do right digital marketing. Before doing any digital marketing activity on internet you must need to understand keywords, everything starts with it and ends with it. Keywords are the basic need of search engines, By analysing the data, users put in search box, search engines improve themselve.

To do effective keyword research, development and categorization, one must have good knowledge and practice of business analysis and market research. Without understanding business, its scope and reach, you can not target the right customer. And, without understanding customers, you can not target the right market place to reach potential customers. Everything is related to each other, so focus on understanding the basic principles not just to follow activities.

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Digital Marketing Training In Gurgaon Review Website Architecture

Website Architecture

Internet Marketing Training In Gurgaon Review

Website Architecture

After good keyword research and development, we will categorize them according to thier use and relavancy. On basis of keyword categories, we develop landing pages for users, and do other digital marketing promotional activites to make these landing pages rank high for particular keywords. Developing a good website architecture can help you in managing website data properly, with time size of website will increase and well categorized pages keep you hessle free and easy to maintain complete marketing actions.

Website architecture is combination of website designing, website development and content management system (CMS). It depends on the scope of business and marketing to choose the right technology which will help you in every aspect while executing digital marketing strategy. You need not to learn everything of technology to do web designing and development, you can outsource it from other team members who have core knowledge in all this stuff.

Focus on your digital marketing oriented changes in website or platform and discuss the required changes with your team to find out positive and negative sides of changes. Be assured about the changes and execute them.

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Digital Marketing Online Training In Gurgaon Content Writing

Content Marketing

Internet Marketing Online Training In Gurgaon

Content Writing

Content is everything on Internet, Without content you can not ask your queries or you can not express yourself. Everything we see on internet is some form of content, it may be text, audio, video, infographics in any format pdf, slides, images, podcasts. Without content there is nothing for search engines to serve and users to understand. What if you search for specification of a product and I only give you the image only without description, then is it useful for you?

Content is mandatory on internet for both search engines and users, it helps search engines to understand what is it and to whom it belongs. Content writing is an important part of digital marketing, it express your brand/service/product as per customer expectations and after reading the content customers get satisfied for their query.

Writing good content is only possible if we have habit of learning new things, observing people and their interests and also understand the digital marketing guidelines. Keywords must be integrated in your content so that it can help search engines and users to judge that it is the right information for them. A good content writer must have proper knoeledge of digital marketing concepts too.

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Digital Marketing Internship In Gurgaon Updates

Google Updates

Internet Marketing Internship In Gurgaon

Google Updates

Search engines are algorithm programs and in general words its an software who process all the information available on internet time to time to collect new and refreshed information. Search engines are like examiners who take exam of websites/webpages, and give them marks (ranking) according to their performance. Performance is measured in both aspects, how you are following decipline rules of search engines (guidelines) and how you are performing in comparision to your competitive website or webpage.

Here, search engines take help of their users/searchers to rank webpages, users like/dislike, engagement on webpages, user actions in search engine result pages, on basis of all this keyword rank keep varing with time. To keep everything fresh and of good quality search engines keep updating thier algorithms to keep spammers out of the game and search engines reliable for its users.

Here, we will discuss about Google updates, as Google is the dominated search engine so we do work for Google on priority and also take care of other search engines. We must understand the meaning of each search engine algorithm update, it is for digital marketing or not because search engines work to improve itself for their users not for digital marketing executives. So, stay updated with digital marketing News, understand it and use it. Do not follow someone blindly.

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Masters In Digital Marketing In Gurgaon Search Engine

Search Engine Guidelines

Masters In Internet Marketing In Gurgaon

Google Guidelines

Every search engine wants it easy and quality for both users and marketing practitioner. They developed some guidelines for digital marketing professional. As digital marketing professional, we must respect search engines rule book to stay stress free and good in eyes of search engines. Search engines guidelines are regarding content, back-linking, website architecture. Search engines never disclose their algorithm and only use filters to scan the right websites to keep platform spam free.

All the News, articles, discussions and blogs we read on Internet are published by digital marketing professionals, who do research and observe the impact of search engines changes, search engine never publish its changes directly and inform marketers about the changes they made. They only do work to make their product of good quality for their users. its digital marketing practitioners responsibility to follow the search engines guidelines and help them keep enviornment spam free.

Search engine is same as your body, you feed good to it, it will be healthy otherwise you know. Search engine engineers are the doctors who keep routine check-up of their search engine to keep it healthy and reliable.

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Digital Marketing Consultant In Gurgaon Google Tools

Search Engine Tools

Internet Marketing Consultant In Gurgaon

Google Tools

Every search engine providers us some tools to monitor our performance and search engine update impacts on our work. It also provide us suggestions, ideas, opportunities and warnings.

Google Webmaster Tool : As name defines, it is for webmasters to monitor the health of websites, crawling errors, sitemap errors, penalities and much more. It is the medium of communication between your website and search engine algorithm directly so that you can submit your requests to the search engines.
Google Analytics Tool : Analytics is used to track the user behaviour on your website, through which landing page user entered on your website using which search term and at what point user's journey ends. It provides huge information which can help you make a lot for your business and marketing strategy.
Google Adwords Tool : Adwords is used to manage paid advertisement campaign on Google and its partner sites, Using Google Adwords you can advertise on millions of website by just few clicks by using display advertisement and also do Youtube advertisement. Keyword Planner is for keyword research & development.
Google Adsense : Google Adsense is an earning platform, if you have website of blog having good traffic, then you can register it with Google Adsense. Google will display Ads on your blog or website and will pay you for it.

Google have many tools which can help us while targeting Google Search Engines. Many other paid tools are also available on Internet so choose according to your use, interest and budget.

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Digital Marketing Agency In Gurgaon On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Check-List

Internet Marketing Agency In Gurgaon

On-Page Check-List

On-Page activities means those digital marketing activites we perform in webpage source code, it includes many small to large chages.

Domain Name
URL Name & Length
Title Tag
Meta Description Tag
Images Alt Tag
Heading Tags
Internal Linking
Anchor Text
Canonical Tags
Social Sharing Buttons
Website Speed
XML Sitemap
.htaccess File
Keyword Density
Website Structure

We need to understand the use of each on-page factor and learn to optimize for good results.

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Digital Marketing Jobs In Gurgaon Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO Check-List

Internet Marketing Jobs In Gurgaon

Off-Page Check-List

Off-Page activities means those digital marketing activites we perform on internet using your website link only known as Link Building.

Social Profile Creation
Blog Writing
Article Submission
Press Release Submission
Classified Submission
Social Bookmarking
Social Sharing
Q&A Websites
Forum Participation
Build Social Relationship
Web 2.0 Submission
Video Submission
Infographic Submission
Image Sharing
User Rating Review
Keeping all social accounts updated and refreshed

Every activity you perform on Internet and leave your link there is Link building.

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Who We Are

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with team of experienced digital marketing trainers in Gurgaon to deliver quality education. We just do not provide training and pass out batches, we help learner to understand the growing technology, demand and their skills. In our Gurgaon digital marketing training center, only practical based training programs are offered so that trainee can understand digital marketing concepts step by step with any confusion and fear.

We are registered digital marketing training company in Gurgaon with team of confident and experienced trainers. Registered under CIN : U72200HR2014PTC053479 with ministry of corporate affairs.

Company Profile
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We keep Digital Marketing classes in Gurgaon in small batches upto 5 students maximum. Our motive is to deliver quality Digital Marketing Course not just passsing out bulk.


Tried our best to keep flexible timing for Digital Marketing Training in Gurgaon by running multiple training batches on same level so that you can learn by attending anyone.


Want Digital Marketing Certified, your knowlege can earn you Digital Marketing Certification in Gurgaon, we can only support and teach you how to become confident and skilled.


Looking for online Digital Marketing Training, you can learn from our trainers at your home using online communication. Discuss more about online Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon.


Regular Classes for Digital Marketing Coaching in Gurgaon are available, in which you can learn Digital Marketing daily and become well skilled in 45 Days. Enquire more today!


Weekend Digital Marketing Classes in Gurgaon are specially planned for working professionals who just want to upgrade their Digital Marketing skills. 20 Weeks program available.

Internship Course

Specially for students, we have Digital Marketing Internship Course in Gurgaon, In which they can understand the industry standards and how in real life Digital Marketing Training can help them in achiving their dreams.

Industrial Training

In Digital Marketing Industrial Training Program, trainee will work on multiple projects so that he/she can experience benefits of learning Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon, and its use in real life applications.

Corporate Training

In Digital Marketing Corporate Training Program in Gurgaon, Working professionals of companies are guided on their running Digital Marketing projects, so that more skills can be added in their current knowledge to move ahead.

For Entrepreneur

For Entrepreneurs, startups and corporate, we have special Industrial Digital Marketing Training Programs in Gurgaon, In which you and your team can take help of our experience too in handling your projects.

For Working Professionals

For working professionals, we have weekend based Digital Marketing Classes in Gurgaon so that they can upgrade their skills in parallel. Our Digital Marketing experience may add on your skills.

For Students/Job-Seekers

For job seekers, we suggest Regular Digital Marketing Training Classes, so that maximum time can be used to understand and learn Digital Marketing in Gurgaon. Give wings to your dreams, we just guide you.

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Because we are Reliable.

100% practical based Digital Marketing Training Institute in Gurgaon, offering upto date classroom based and online Digital Marketing Training programs.


To Redefine Your Skills.

Our mission is to teaching how to learn anything, Course Of Digital Marketing in Gurgaon is just an example, we will make our trainee to understand real life needs and skills.


Make Our Trainee Confident.

We do nothing, we just guide our trainee about Digital Marketing Education in Gurgaon and support them becoming confident by sharing our experience.

Digital Marketing Training Certification Program

What you expect, when you are searching for Digital Marketing Academy in Gurgaon. Practical based training programs, placement gurantee, low Mobile App Course Fee or anything else. Learning Digital Marketing in Gurgaon can be very simple if you really want to learn with heart. Education is the process in which Digital Marketing trainer in Gurgaon shares his/her expereince and problems they faced and important one how to solve those problems. Here you feel confidence about you skills and capacity to learn complex things in simple way. Join No.1 Digital Marketing School in Gurgaon Today!


You have a question? You are talking about 100% practical based Digital Marketing Training Course in Gurgaon and now saying about theory classes. Dear trainees, before implementing Digital Marketing skills you need to understand what it is and why. After that only practical based Digital Marketing Live Projects in Gurgaon till you not get sharp and confident.


Doing practical make you more skills than just memorizing theory. We are learning Digital Marketing Program in Gurgaon because we want to do job not to just pass some examination. Digital Marketing Project Course in Gurgaon is the enviornment in which you perform practicals under experienced trainer guidelines so that your queries are solved same time practically.

Live Projects

Work On Live Digital Marketing Projects and understand the real life implementation of skills you gaining. Live Project based training program in Gurgaon makes you more confident and prepared for Digital Marketing Certification because such exams only ask real life problems and their solutions. Thats why we call 100% practical based Digital Marketing Syllabus & Curriculum in Gurgaon.

Career Guidelines

In Digital Marketing Career Guidelines, we share our experience with you that help you in choosing right track. Do not get confused with so many options available in Digital Marketing in Gurgaon, be clear and dedicated.

Interview Preparation

Get prepared for interview, learn how to answer some Digital Marketing Course question asked in interview. Practice more to crack an interview in Gurgaon by staying simple and focused.

Placement Assistance

Everyone needs a placement after completing his/her Digital Marketing Coaching in Gurgaon, And its right of everyone. Here we provide you best assitance by conducting your interview with multiple companies for Digital Marketing Job in Gurgaon. Keep in your mind always, only you knowledge can help you in getting good Digital Marketing Job and salary package, we can just assist you by arranging interviews. So learn to become skilled, confident and successful.

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Algorithms: Algorithms are the programs written for search engines which works in two modes. One, for crawling the available data/information on Internet and indexing it. Second, to deliver search engine results when query submitted by user in search box.

ALT Tag: ALT attribute is used for images in webpages. ALT tag means alternative name of images, search engines work on basis of text and need to define some text alternate to images so that search engine can understand the nature and use of image.

Anchor Text: Anchor text is used with hyperlinks we use in our websites. If we put the link directly on our webpages then it will look very odd with design of webpage so we cover up it with some relevant text to maintain meaning and beauty of link as well as webpage.

Backlinks: Backlinks are the links which are available on internet and points towards our website or webpages. The links pointing towards our website also known as incoming links or inbound links.

Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is the act in which we keep the database of links we randomly visit or want to put in record for later use. Social bookmarking is used to make collection of links so that our circle can use them.

Bounce Rate: When some user visits or enters our website on some particular page and leaves the website on the same page without navigating to some other page then it called bounce.

Broken Link: Broken link means when some link is pointing towards some webpage and that webpage does not exist on our website.

Clocking: Clocking is considered as black hat search engine marketing activity in which user serves different content to search engine and different content to users.

Conversion: An action performed on website defined by webmaster, it may be visiting some dedicated page or signup a form.

Crawler: Crawler is part of search engine algorithm in which it keep collecting data available on Internet, analysing it and puting in search engine index.

Doorway Pages: Doorway pages are pages used to rank high in search results and then redirect users to some other page.

Hashtag: Hashtag is popularly used in Twitter or on social media in which the post content is conncted with trending term.

Inbound Link: Those links which are incoming towards our website or webpage are known as inbound links.

Keywords: Keywords is the content which users type in search box to find their requirements. Keywords may be made of single word or phrase, completely depends on how user write his query in search box.

Landing Page: The dedicated page prepared against some specific kywords by which user will enter the website.

Meta Tags: Meta tag is 70 charater title and 156 character description used to present your webpage as link in search engine result pages. The content of meta tags must be impressive and also demo of your webpage information.

Ranking: The position of your webpages in search engine result pages.

XML Site-Map: XML sitemap is for search engines, it helps search engines to retrive all your webpages.