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One of the fastest growing and authorized essl biometric attendance system dealers and service providers In Gurgaon. We have large team of local biometric attendance system installers and technicians to offer best services in Gurgaon. Creative employees with passion to deliver efficient solutions with trust.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with skilled engineers who are dedicated to deliver company vision. One of the most trusted Attendance Management Company In Gurgaon.

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Biometric Attendance System Installation Gurgaon Biometric Attendance System Repair Gurgaon
Biometric Attendance System AMC Gurgaon Biometric Attendance System Installers Gurgaon

Application Of Biometric Attendance System : Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary, Bank, Factory, Industry, Warehouse, Labour, Worker, Workforce, Plant, Workshop, Manufacturing Unit, Multi Location, Health Center, GYM, Club, Hotel, Resort, Restaurent, Canteen, Library, Laboratory, Event, Exhibition, Shop, Retail Shop, Training Center, Faculty, Hostel, Corporate, Business

Optional Features Of Biometric Attendance System : Payroll, GPRS, GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, Bardocde, Computerised, Wireless, Wifi, Handheld, USB, Portable, Digital, Keypad, Password, Palm, Vein, QR-Code, Auto Push, Push Data

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